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This new release is a continuation of our commitment to make the WBTS experience as productive as possible for our clients.
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New Book "LEAD THE WAY" has now ARRIVED!
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Fundamental, clear, simple, and proven, this book has the answers to achieve success in today’s world market.
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 Comments from Leaders...

“Lead The Way provides true leaders with the integrated framework and guide necessary to implement effective, sustainable change in organizational performance. I have had the opportunity to be part of this transformation in both union and non-union organizations and the bottom line is it works. In the hands of truly committed leaders this approach provides visible, sustainable and continuously improving results.”

George Winchester, Jr.
Hampton Hydraulics, LLC


“Lead The Way is a very detailed and clear summary of a process that has worked well everyplace I have seen it fully executed. This book covers not only the process component, but also the principles on which successful implementation relies. Time and time again the reader is reminded of "good Leadership" using a proven process as a means of assuring success.

The process laid out by Lead The Way is broad based and complex, yet each step has been broken down into simple and executable basics that are designed for one purpose, to release the power of individuals and teams to accomplish the objectives of a well led organization. Overall this package uniquely delivers executable basics that are so often set aside as companies wrestle with the theoretical and overly complex elements of lean and six-sigma. These complex solutions are designed for solving only a very small percentage of the problems managers face in creating a world class organization. The processes in Lead The Way deal effectively with the 90%.”

Bradley Morton
Eaton Vice President and President Eaton Aerospace


"Lead the Way is an easily read and well documented road map for success and survival in today's business world."

Garry Human
ProCoil Company LLC
Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of United States Steel


“Forget the fads, program of the month and all the other quick fix hype which will soon loose their luster and die in a wreckage of wasted opportunity and resources. In his new book Lead The Way, Jack Nora explains the principles of high performance and provides a guide to engage all employees, implement the systems, and develop the competencies necessary to move an organization’s culture to a sustainable high performance work organization.”

Edwin J. Buehler
Vice President Technical Papers
Global Specialty Papers
Stora Enso Paper Company


At the Bocar Plant the Continuous Improvement Process worked since the first day of implementation six years ago. The process has enhanced all plant results, reduced waste, and most importantly changed the attitude of my people. They are focused on and get continuous improvement every day and this is allowing our company to grow.

We have improved efficiency, reduced Inventory levels, reduced scrap and as a consequence significantly reduced cost. For the people, every work day is more interesting and they have experienced significant development. We have made the systems Jack describes in Lead The Way our way of doing business. Everyone understands the need to be high performance to secure our plant and all the employees.

Arturo Tovar
Plant Manager Mexico City Plant
Bocar Group


Today’s global world offers easy access to unlimited resources. The difference between success and extinction will rest in one key factor only: Effective Leadership. Lead the Way describes how can we become True Leaders and develop Effective Leaders within our Organizations in a step by step, practical and delightful way.

Roberto Noguera
Plant Manager Lerma Mexico Plant
Bocar Group


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