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Short-Term Directed Improvement

Our rapidly changing world catches every company by surprise in some way.  This occurs when a sudden change with a customer, in a market, in an industry, or in the world, poses a new and immediate business survival threat.  There is not enough time to respond with a strategic change or through incremental Continuous Improvement Process .  When you face a survival threat where there is not enough time for a strategic change and not enough time to rely on incremental performance improvement, you must react quickly with a short-term directed improvement process.

Short-term directed improvement isn’t just reactive in nature; it also has a proactive side.  Proactive use of a short-term directed improvement analysis removes waste from operator guidelines in the J.O.B.S. process, finds bottlenecks to help teams prioritize in the C. I. process, helps design the work areas of new front line operating teams, and helps combine jobs or levels when spreading a high performance structure.

Our proven, twelve- step short-term directed improvement process is called PRIDE.  The name PRIDE is fitting because PRIDE is done with the workforce, not to them.  Making short-term directed improvement to fend off a survival threat is something the workforce can take pride in, not fear.
Our PRIDE process will overcome immediate survival threats at the beginning of an implementation process or at any time the future of the organization is threatened.

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