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At this critical time when:

  • The skeletons of once vibrant companies are desperately chasing one gimmick after another in a futile attempt to survive.

  • Longtime giants such as General Motors and Ford flirt with bankruptcy, make cut after cut, employee buyout after buyout, and become smaller and not stronger as they wonder if industry consolidation is the only way to survive.

  • Rapidly emerging competitors from Eastern Europe, China, India, and Russia, will dominate growth in basic manufacturing, while the vital manufacturing base, where one job creates ten others, continues to erode in developed countries.

  • Electronic outsourcing of more services like technical phone support, accounting, programming, cat-scan reading, and tax preparation move from developed countries to developing countries.

  • Unethical leaders at companies like Enron have mortgaged their company’s future for selfish gain.

  • Wall Street analysts act as the judges of business success and stock options or “golden parachutes” provide incentive for self-serving executives to manipulate results.

  • Top managers impose one unrealistic, short-term objective after another, reduce capital budgets, and brutally grind up the people reporting to them in their lemming-like drive for short-term results at the expense of long-term success.

  • Manipulating the quarterly balance sheet takes precedent over product development, crucial capital investment, and critical resources needed for long-term competitiveness.

  • Ill-conceived cost cutting is epidemic, without insuring the fundamental changes needed to become stronger not just smaller.

  • Companies, unions, and employees in developed countries struggle aimlessly and unproductively as developing countries rob them of vital manufacturing content and associated jobs.

  • Companies, unions, and employees in developing countries struggle to find lasting competitiveness under the burdens of corruption, bureaucracy, government regulations, and inefficient structures.

There is one Company and one Approach the offers the one Answer to achieve short-term results and long-term competitiveness and growth. We will help you design and implement a fundamental change in the way you do business.

Workplace Transformation, Inc. can help you become a high performance organization, with effective leadership engaging the entire workforce in the disciplined implementation of the five key, adaptive, and integrated systems necessary to outperform the competition, secure the organization and the workforce today and into the future. We call the five systems of high performance the pillars of success.


Pillars of High Performance:
- Leadership Development System
- Continuous Improvement Process
- Workforce Development System
- Short Term Directed Improvement Process
- Structure and Support Systems

If you are interested in learning more about Workplace Transformation, Inc. contact us to schedule a free, travel expenses only, diagnostic visit. Learn firsthand how we can help you and your organization outperform the competition now and into the future.

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