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John J. "Jack" Nora

John J. “Jack” Nora is a co-author of Transforming the Workplace, a detailed case study about the Cadillac Livonia Engine Plant transformation to a high performance work organization. He is the author of One Way, which is an easy to read story about a major change effort in a fictional plant, using real world examples. One Way is in its sixth printing and is in five languages. Jack is the author of LEAD THE WAY , a ground-breaking new book designed to help leaders guide their organization onto the path to high performance, growth and security.

Jack has had a wide variety of career experiences. He progressed from an hourly employee at General Motors Cadillac Motor Car Division, through many production supervisory positions. He moved from Human Resource Manager, to Cadillac Division’s Head of Quality of Work Life. Jack lead a Planning Team that transformed the Cadillac Livonia Engine Plant into the most innovative and successful plant of the 1980’s. The Livonia Engine Plant made changes, twenty-five years ago, that other companies are only now beginning to make. Examples of changes made in the Cadillac Livonia Engine Plant include assessment based hiring, operator skills verification, pay for skills, multi-craft, reduction of management levels, and formation of business teams of operators lead by a working team leader.

Following his career at General Motors, Jack became a member of a large law firm and eventually senior partner of a law firm he formed. For the last two decades, Jack has been President of Workplace Transformation Inc.; an international consulting firm that has helped over 150 facilities meet their competitive challenges.

Jack’s broad consulting experiences include major change efforts in manufacturing and service organizations in eighteen different industries. Jack’s consulting clients include companies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Slovakia, Serbia, and South Korea.

Jack received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Michigan State University, an MBA from the University of Detroit, and a Juris Doctor degree, Summa Cum Laude, from the University Of Detroit School Of Law.

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