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Workforce Development System

In today’s rapidly changing world, new equipment and processes are obsolete three days after installation. Competitive advantages based on product differentiation usually last a matter of months, compared to a matter of years back in the 1960’s. Therefore, only a more skilled, versatile, and engaged workforce can separate you from the competition for years to come.

Communicating high performance expectations is the first step in implementing the employee development system. Expectations for high performance employees are clustered around two areas. The first area of expectations focuses on being versed, verified and versatile.

Our proven system to assure that your employees can out-perform the competition is called JOBS. JOBS is a system and a software package that insures employees learn a broad range of skills through operator guidelines. Operator guidelines include safety, quality, tools and equipment, upkeep and maintenance, performance sequences, and classroom training needed to do the complete job.

The second area of high performance expectations focuses on becoming vitally engaged and knowledgeable employees responsible for performance and Continuous Improvement in their area.

Like leadership development, the only way to develop a high performance workforce is to develop as many of the current employees as possible. At the same time, when you add a new employee, make sure that you are adding an employee who has the potential to become a high performance employee. The best way to assure success is to hire employees only after a thorough skills assessment.

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Pillars of High Performance:
- Leadership Development System
- Continuous Improvement Process
- Workforce Development System
- Short Term Directed Improvement Process
- Structure and Support Systems

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