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This new release is a continuation of our commitment to make the WBTS experience as productive as possible for our clients.
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WBTS 1.9.0 Web Basded Transformation Softwareoftware

Workplace Transformation, Inc. has now released their Web Based Transformation Software!

This software was designed to facilitate and organize the transformation process of building a high performance organization. It is a new enhanced release of our heralded CI2004 software product. CI2004 has been thoroughly reviewed from a programming standpoint, and we have taken feedback from all of our clients who have been using it over the past five years. We have also evaluated this product in terms of how closely the software matches our Continuous Improvement Process implemented at our client sites. The result is our new Web Based Transformation Software Product, which will be ready for implementation by year end 2006.

Below are just some of the many benefits of this new software product:


Simple installation and deploymen structure
The software is easy to install and setup to mirror your organization.

Strictly organize your organization’s Continuous Improvement efforts
The software keeps track of relationships and organization of the performance objectives, priorities, problems, projects, etc. allowing users to navigate through the related forms with ease.

Allows for customization of security levels. Users are granted the access that is most appropriate for them and the organization.

Review historical information
Completed projects, solved problems and other efforts can be archived or retrieved to streamline the review process and to research past success.

Look at the complete picture
Use the detailed reporting feature to get a complete picture of continuous improvement activities. Several reports are tailored to provide information on activities and the overall continuous improvement efforts of the organization.

Know what You are responsible forwbtsscreenshots1
Reports available for individual responsibilities to track progress and weigh workload.

Know how teams are performing compared to commitments
Reports available for active/overdue problems and projects to track progress.

Make C.I. YOUR process
The software will print all forms and reports with corporate logo and procedure/form number to be quality system compliant.

Attach needed related information
All forms in the software allow for the attachment of supporting files or hyperlinks to data locations. This allows maximum flexibility in creating supporting diagnostic data.

System Designed Specifically for Continuous Improvement
Creates a common location/database for all appropriate people to access improvement efforts in clear and organized format.


Updates for you where possible
The software carries over dates / information between forms, minimizing the need to remember to update in more than one place.

FULL compliment of Forms to support C.I.
We have added the Decision Making Worksheet, and the Human Performance Worksheet to the toolbox already offered with CI2004.

Upkeep one database for C.I. efforts & JOBS
We have combined our two previously offered software packages, merging them into one system, creating a cost effective way to manage all of your high performance systems in one place.


DOCUMENTATION: Control any Windows based document within the system. View (read only), Print or Check-Out the document to make revisions, only the most current, released version is available to view.

JOB CHANGE RECORDS: Record changes made to the job. Quickly research and review change records to help solve problems or implement improvements on other jobs. If the change is major, trigger re-training for employees right from this screen.

SKILLS VERIFICATION & RECORD KEEPING: Record changes in the status of employees for on-the-job training, classroom training or developmental training. Store important documents such as Performance Reviews, Disciplinary Warnings, etc.

REPORTS: Quickly review the status of training across the organization. Use the reports to help leaders focus on improving the skills of the workforce, everyday.


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