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New Book "LEAD THE WAY" has now ARRIVED!
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Fundamental, clear, simple, and proven, this book has the answers to achieve success in today’s world market.
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New Book Launch LEAD THE WAY

From John J. “Jack” Nora, the author of One Way and co-author of Transforming the Workplace, comes LEAD THE WAY. This book will lead you to a path that invariably delivers quick results, continual improvement, long-term profitability, and growth. Fundamental, clear, simple, and proven, LEAD THE WAY provides the answers to achieving success in today’s world market.

LEAD THE WAY describes how to lead a fundamental change in the way you do business. In 1700, Hans Carvel said, “The end must justify the means.” What Hans could not have known, is that in business, the means determine the end. It is time to stop spinning your wheels. Stop manipulating the results for the short-term appearance of gain. Stop tightening your belt because it will not cause you to lose weight, just as across-the-board cost cutting does not lead to success. Stop trying one shortcut program after another as they lead to frustration and failure. It is time to change the way you do business and to ‘lead the way’ to real and lasting success.

LEAD THE WAY will show you how to develop the leadership skills to engage your entire workforce in becoming a high performance organization, which is the key to survival in today’s competitive world market. Get back in control by learning to ‘lead the way’ to achieving short-term performance and at the same time insuring long-term growth and security.

The opportunity to work in many different countries and cultures has helped Jack understand that everyone must change to survive and prosper in the new world market. The reasons that change is necessary are different depending on where you are, but everyone must change, and the changes that everyone must make, are the same.

There is no alternative but to meet the competitive challenge of the world market. Most people now understand the survival, growth, and security of a company depend on whether that company can become a high performance organization. LEAD THE WAY will show you the one sure way to secure your organization and employees into the future.

To purchase a copy of LEAD THE WAY for yourself or for your management team/staff, please contact us via email at: info@workplacetransform.com.

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