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Internal Leadership Development

Amid the many challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Leadership is more important than ever. Recognizing this, our clients asked us to develop a way to deliver our unrivaled High-Performance Leadership Development System without risking site visits. We have created a process to train your existing Internal Resources and deliver to them the content needed to administer our Leadership Development Model for your organization. Internal Resources will be prepared through online video sessions and given all the materials and tools necessary. The four-step Internally Delivered High-Performance Leadership Development Process can be tailored to each location's needs, resources, and budget.

To best develop the leaders in your organization, your Internal Resources will need to learn the following four-step process:

  1. Deliver High-Performance Leadership Basic Training.
  2. Conduct Post-Training Behavioral Skill Demonstration and Assessment Workshops.
  3. Provide concentrated training as indicated by assessment results specifically targeted to each participant's need(s).
  4. Learn how to create and use new tailored Behavioral Assessment Activities used for Promoting or Hiring High-Performance leaders or Employees in the future.

Below is a more detailed description of the principles, knowledge, and skills covered in each of these four-steps of our High-Performance Leader Development System. Understanding the detail will allow you to identify your unique needs and exclude areas where you are already proficient. We can then customize the Process with the Skills, Tools, and Material your Internal Resources need to guide your company toward High-Performance.

Developing High-Performance Leaders at every level in an organization, is our first and most critical of The Five Pillar Systems necessary to become a High-Performance Organization. The Five Pillars of High-Performance were developed while assisting our Clients for over 37 years including those who became the best performer in eight different industries. High-Performance Organizations out-perform the competition, grow, secure the jobs, and enhance the standard of living and quality of work-life of their employees.

Developing High-Performance Leaders of Natural Workgroups or Teams at each level in an Organization or Facility represents ninety-five percent of the journey to becoming a High-Performance Company. Why? Because:

  1. An organization becomes the reflection of its Leaders. High-Performance Leaders have the desire, skills, tools, and follow-through to Develop and Engage High-Performance Employees to out-perform the competition.
  2. People (High Performance Leaders & Front-Line Employees) comprise the most important lasting competitive advantage a company can have.
  3. Front-Line Employees are the main determiners of Safety, Internal Quality of Product or Service, Productivity & Cost Performance. They know the most about their jobs and how to improve performance. Employees become High-Performance only when their Leader is High-Performance!
  4. Developing High-Performance Leaders will improve Pillar 2 (Data-Driven Continuous Improvement) and Pillar 3 (Developing High-Performance Employees) which are expectations of a High-Performance Leader.

Internal High-Performance Leadership Development Process

The following list and description of the components to Implement our System of Developing High-Performance Leaders, will allow you to identify your unique needs, exclude areas where you are already proficient or include additional areas needed. We can then customize a Process with the Skills, Tools, and Material your Internal Resources need to guide your company toward High-Performance.

  1. Internal Resources will learn to present High-Performance Leadership Two-Day Basic Training in groups up to 20 participants. Participants will learn the traits, expectations, skills, and tools necessary to become an Effective Leader in a High-Performance Company including:
    1. Understanding the expectations and responsibilities of a "True" Leader:
      1. True leaders Build the skills of their Natural Work Group Employees to make them the experts as opposed to the leader being the expert.
      2. True leaders Build the skills of their Natural Work Group Employees to make them the experts as opposed to the leader being the expert.
    2. The required traits and expectations of Leadership "Direction" (5-E's):
      1. Envision what their Natural Work Group will look like when it becomes High-Performance. People will not follow a leader that does not know where they are going!
      2. Example the High-Performance Leader must set by:
        • Being and Acting Positive and Confident.
        • Doing what you ask of others to do.
      3. Encourage every Natural Work Group Member to participate in the move to High-Performance:
        • Involve Group Members in Developing Best Practices, Training, and assisting with on-the-job Verification of fellow Group Members.
        • Involve the Work Group Members in Continuous Improvement:
          1. Problem-Solving, Project Implementation & Resolving unacceptable performance using a provenTools.
      4. Enable Natural Work Group Members to succeed.
        • Spend enough time in the Workplace to build High-performance Employees:
          1. Build High Performance Employees, the (5-V's).
            1. Valued as lasting vital assets.
            2. Versed performing a broader range of activities on their primary job than the competitors' employees.
            3. Verified on-the-job performing in accordance with best practices
            4. Versatile performing the correct number of jobs allowing the Work Group and its members to flow to cover ever-changing challenges or bottlenecks in the Workplace.
            5. Vitally Engaged in a Continuous Performance Improvement Process.
      5. Empower the Work Group and Members to perform their jobs & tasks with as little dependance on the leaders as possible. This creates the Ownership and Responsibility found in High-Performance Work Groups.
    3. The required skills and expectations of using the correct Leadership "Styles" (3-D's) at the correct time and in the correct way.
      1. Directing the Work Group or Member at the appropriate times and using the (D1) style correctly,
      2. Delegating Analysis or Involving the Work Group or Member at the appropriate times and using the (D2) style correctly,
      3. Delegating Authority to the Work Group or Member to make the decision and act on their own at the appropriate time using the (D3) style correctly,
      4. Understanding the Leadership Expectation to move to (D3) Empowering the Work Group on as many of the job tasks and responsibilities that the Group and Members have. This will enhance the Groups and Members responsibility and more fully-utilize the High-Performance Employees.
  2. Post-Training Behavioral Skill Demonstration and Assessment Workshops. Six-hour evaluation workshops with up to six participants. People learn at different rates and many of the strongest High-Performance Leaders initially need more concentrated training in specific areas to succeed. All High-Performance Leadership Skills can be learned. Behavioral assessment will clearly determine whether a Leader has learned the skills to a level where they can succeed and where they need more concentrated training.
    1. An Internal Assessment Coordinator must learn to Set-Up an Assessment Workshop including Team, Role Play & Individual Activities.
    2. The Coordinator will learn to train Internal Assessors (3 per workshop) who need to learn how to observe, score and give feedback to the participants.
      1. Prepare the Materials and Assessors and the Assessment Workshop
        1. Team Problem-Solving
        2. Team Priority-Setting
        3. Oral Communication Skills
        4. Understanding Leadership Direction and Leadership Styles
        5. Understanding the Continuous Improvement Process
        6. Handling Human Performance Problems (1 role play)
    3. Conduct the Assessment and Schedule the Individual Participant Feedback.
    4. Conduct Participant Feedback sessions and schedule additional Training needed.
  3. Deliver concentrated follow-up training as indicated by assessment results tailored to each candidate's needs. Internal Resources must be trained to conduct four different Leadership Enhancement and Development Sessions.
  4. Create new activities to use the Behavioral Assessment for Promoting or Hiring Leaders and If desired Front-Line Employees in the future. Every time you promote or hire a new person into a leadership position or hire a new employee, it is an opportunity to strengthen your organization. Interviews are 58% percent accurate, written tests are 67% accurate while behavioral assessments are over 95% accurate in determining whether a person has the skills to succeed as a High-Performance Leader or High-Performance Employee.
    1. Internal Assessors will be verified through on-line sessions to use the Assessment Process for selection purposes.

Please let us know if we can walk you through the above principles, steps and support needed in your journey toward Building High-Performance Leaders.

We can further explain the steps outlined above, answer any questions that you have and discuss your specific needs. We look forward to sharing our proven processes with you.

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