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Continuous Improvement Process

What is continuous improvement? Continuous improvement is constant, incremental improvement over time. What is the Continuous Improvement Process? The Continuous Improvement Process is: a three-step, scientific, data-driven, disciplined, motivational, and proven process of incremental improvement that is essential to engage the workforce in endless performance improvement.

Workplace Transformation, Inc. has designed three, manageable steps for the Continuous Improvement Process:

1. Identify a Continuous Improvement in each Major Performance Area requires an accurate, visible and timely measure of performance. in relation to a Safety, Environmental, Quality (Internal and External), Productivity and Cost. High performance organizations understand that they are judged in their market place by these essential business elements and therefore must be excellent and continually improving in each of them.. Set realistic and measurable An effective Continuous Improvement Process requires a specific goal in each Key Measure, including Amount, Target Date and Duration.  When an Objective is achieved, a new one is established. that stretches abilities and visibly measures performance toward that objective.

2. Focus improvement efforts by identifying Where, What, and When patterns of opportunities occur and then deciding the proper way to resolve the pattern through the The formal Five Step Problem Solving Process through which recurring defects in any Key Measure are Solved and Prevented from occurring again in the future. process, the To ensure accountability and timely completion of projects requires an implementation plan which includes a specific list of Tasks, Persons Responsible, Target Dates and Actual Completion Dates. process, or by This is the consistent and objective method by which a lack of performance by employees is resolved..

3. Analyze and solve problems through to prevention, organize and implement projects on time, and resolve human performance issues consistently by using the proven tools of the C.I. Process.

Workplace Transformation, Inc. will help you implement the C. I. Process in your organization. One result will be a common focus or direction with alignment and continuing improvement in all of the drivers of your business. Another result will be an engaged workforce and the attitude of "never good enough".

If you are interested in learning more about Workplace Transformation, Inc. contact us to schedule a free, travel expenses only, diagnostic visit. Learn firsthand how we can help you and your organization outperform the competition now and into the future.

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